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Nancy Kramer is an experienced New York City mediator who helps resolve conflicts for parties in the five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey. Her breadth of experience, patience and creativity help her clients find solutions that are faster, less expensive and more crafted to their individual needs than could be achieved in court.

After graduating from Columbia Law School, with honors, Nancy spent 30 years working as an attorney in a number of government and public interest positions. She became convinced that litigation, while an essential part of our legal system, is often not the best way to solve problems for individuals or businesses. Mediation is a negotiation guided by a neutral person which enables the parties to reach their own settlement rather than going to court and having a decision imposed on them. It has a surprisingly high resolution rate and a high compliance rate. In other words, it works.

Nancy's practice draws on her broad experiences as an attorney and as a supervisor of others. She specializes in:

Workplace / Employment Mediation: discrimination, wrongful termination, breach of contract, etc.

Family Mediation for same-sex and opposite sex couples: separation, custody, division of assets, divorce, estate issues.

Co-op and Condominium Mediation: disputes between neighbors and with the board

Commercial Mediation: contractual issues of all kinds--quality and timeliness of performance, payment, commission pay-outs.

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